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XYC Change Management Plan
Enterprise Framework
XYC Foods is a growing one-stop gourmet food store chain. There is a need to adapt to the growth by implementing a new software system. This system will increase efficiency of the Human Resource informational system through full automation. Initially, this will involve adaptations and changes in workflow for both human resource employees as well as store employees. A path-goal leadership strategy must be established to ensure employees understand the benefit of the new system and are motivated to change. Benefits include more accurate reporting, less manual inputting of data, and greater overall efficiency. Initially, additional work will ensue but ultimately work will be made more systematic and involve less processing, thus allowing for growth.
Some areas of the company will not be impacted. These include functions within the Human Resource Department involving hiring, management of third party vendors (this includes workers compensation processing) and job analysis, salary surveys and compensation decisions. In addition, purchasing and merchandising actions will not change. Stocking of stores, inventory, and training in product knowledge also will not be impacted.
The following suggestions address the challenges involved in the change management process:
1. Each function that will change must be identified, by action and by personnel affected. This information must be further drilled down to include personnel impacted directly by changes in work processes, as well as personnel impacted indirectly through better processing of data.
2. A clear strategy for the change must be present that is aligned with the organizational strategy. It is key to note, "the primary task for management today is the leadership of organizational change" (By, 2005).
3. A timetable for the implementation of the changes must be established, with the input from management that is conducive to achieving results within a set period of time.
4. There must be established checkpoints to identify important points in the change process, and also allow for progress to be determined and celebrated. This will encourage the staff as the change process develops momentum.
5. A path-goal leadership strategy should be implemented to show impacted employees the benefits of change. This will include HR staff, store management and store employees. In each case, the process of explaining the procedure and its benefits should start at the top, with management. It is crucial that department managers and store managers are behind the program to ensure the greatest likelihood of success.
6. No matter the size of the change, some employees will fail to adapt. Management must accept that this is inevitable, and be prepared to hire and replace staff that refuse to go along with the process. Recruitment must take place to have potential employees in the ready position.
5. Constant review of the process must take place. By monitoring and adapting to discovered issues the process will evolve more smoothly, with optimal results.
6. Management should be reminded, "successful management of change is a highly required skill" (By. 2005) to further encourage their efforts as leaders of this process.
The Project Framework
The current organization is unable to continue to grow. The processes currently used are manual, at best, and prone to multiple potential problems. By relying on manual input, data may be missed, incorrectly entered, or lost or omitted. It is reliant on the expertise of the operator. There are many points within the various processes that contain potential for human error, which can cause additional work, false information, and legal issues. This is not