Epilogue About Gods

Words: 581
Pages: 3

It’s the week of the sacrifice ceremony and everyone is feeling sad. At school in homeroom everyone is talking about the ceremony. “Doesn’t everyone hate the Gods and Goddess!” a girl said “Ya, they get to live in Heaven and I heard they are immortal.” a boy replied “They are so mean and if their is a God or Goddess in this class I would kill them!” Terra, Zoey and Seth are scared in fear, everyone is talking bad about Gods, but they are also Gods. “Ya, why did they banish us humans from heaven?” Eliana said “Ya, maybe they just want the powers and the Heaven to themselves!” “Come on guys maybe there's a reason?” Zoey said “Their is no reason Gods are just selfish people who just want to keep things for themselves.” “Guys we should stop talking bad about God's, Satoshi you don’t hate God's right?” Terra asked “I hate Gods, they burned down the village I was born …show more content…
“Satoshi?” Terra asked “Oh, it’s you.” Satoshi replied without emotion
“Satoshi, why are yo-”
“Terra are you a Goddess?” Satoshi uninterruptedly asked
Terra’s eyes widened in fear “How did you-”
“How did I know? Well when I was going to ask you to be my girlfriend, but I saw you flying in the air and the only type of person that can fly is a God!”
“Satoshi I’ve always wanted to tell you, but I was afraid that you that.”
“Well good bye forever!” Satoshi said, then turned around to walk back home
Terra fell to the ground and tears fell into Terra’s hands, then it started to