Equity Fairness essay

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Equity and fairness is something that is lacking in many schools. We can increase the atmosphere of equity and fairness in the school environment by making changes in our personal conversations. Secondly, we can involve those who are left out. This allows students to feel more welcome, and the cliques will become more diverse. Lastly, by reporting abuses to guidance, administration or family. Students who bully would get consequences, and administrators would be more aware of the school environment and its events. By acting upon these actions I would be able to increase the atmosphere of equity and fairness in the school environment.

Creating adjustments in conversations with peers would increase equity and fairness. Friends would become more aware that racial slurs and bullying is not something to be laughed upon or taken lightly. Re-enforcing friends to prevent saying jokes during conversations that may hurt someones feelings is essential, because students may feel as if they are different and withdrawn from society. Therefore, when having conversations amongst friends, we would not be discouraging anyone in any way increasing equity.

Inclusion of those who are left out of groups can possess a positive affect on equity. This helps outcasts feel more welcome in their school environment, rather than feeling like an outsider, causing less people to feel left out and/or abandoned by peers. Also, by including others, it may help many cliques to become more diverse and aware of other cultures. This leads to less stereotyping, judgement of someones religion and the decreasing of bullying.

Bullying and abuses have been