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Essay #2

Multicultural education provides student with knowledge about the

histories, and cultures of diverse groups. Today teachers gave student from different

societies, cultures and many with their own language. Many of these students have

English as their second languages. Multicultural classroom promote decision making and

more critical thinking. Teachers and other education in universities want to give there

diverse students an equal chance in school and in the jobs market. This will contribute to

building a better working community. In order to make multicultural education work the

system must have some social students. It is important to have content integration,

knowledge of the construction process, prejudice reduction, an equity pedagogy, and am

empowering school culture. Multicultural support the idea that student and their

backgrounds and experiences along with new idea helps think in multiple ways.

Multiculturalism is a tool for instilling students with pride, and confidences in their

unique and special backgrounds. There are a mumble in the population who see the

differences in cultures. Their history, language and habits matter. If they do not couserve

it, it will be forgetter. Thanks to the spread of English and technology. Language go

extenet each years as the last speakers die out. Their stories and wisdom die with them.

Many believe that every monocultural and when a culture is multicultural, its culture does not survive.

Many people think that fairness means treating everyone the same. There are

different cultures and languages so many times students on employees miss out on

essential information and feel the communication process is unfair or lopsided. Cultures

are divided and really do not understand each other at all. There is always a group that

feel everybody thinks like them and that they are superior. The other group might think

this so called “superior” group are weak or do not belong. Two decades following Brown

vs. Board of Education, school districts forward on curing problems of the past, acting

and end segregation of students based on race. Much of destructs today focus more on

education, civic and economical benefits that often result from well developed policies

and strategies are pursued as tools that