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Eric R. Posadas
Reflective Paper #3
STU 100
Personal Responsibility
What is personal responsibility to you? In my opinion, I believe personal responsibility is when a person takes charge of something. In this case as a college student our personal responsibility is our education. Personal responsibility involves time management and getting work completed before the due date. This will relate to me as a college student because when I get assigned work, it’s my responsibility to have the work completed.
My personal responsibilities as a college student are my academics and my personal life. Seeing that my academics is one of my main personal responsibilities is a no brainer. I say it’s a no brainer because my academics is the reason I am attending college and I can’t afford to slip academically. Another personal responsibility is my personal life, you might ask yourself “why is that one of your personal responsibilities as a college student?” It’s one of my responsibilities because I focus way too much on my education and I don’t focus on what’s happening outside of class or with my family.
As I try to balance my academics and my personal life I believe high school will definitely be a potential problem. It will be a problem because having to be at two places to get my education is pretty difficult. I can manage to balance my high school work and my college work because of time management. Rock Valley provided me with the dual-credit courses that I am currently