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IntroductionResponsible leadership is a relational and ethical phenomenon, which occurs in social process of interaction with those who affect or are affected by leadership and have a stake in the purpose and vision of the leadership relationship ( Maak.T & Pless.N.M, 2006). A socially responsible leader is not only concerned about what theydo, how they do it but also leaders who have the opportunity grow. Moreover, this leadership position are taken on requires strength-strength of will, strength of convictions and, most importantly, strength of character such as humainity, responsive culturally sensitive, ethical and respectful. A socially responsible leadership is the one who have operate ethically and also have responsibility to …show more content…
(2011). StakeholdersemployeeResponsible leaders mobilize people and lead teams often across business, countries and /or cultures to achieve performance objectives that are derived from the strategic objectives of the firm. They also coach and reinforce employees to achieve these objectives in an ethical, respectful and relationally intelligent way. They create incentives to encourage respectful collaboration inside and outside the organization, to foster responsiveness to stakeholder. A responsible leader encouraged the concept of pull and not push, whereby, people follow with the goal of purpose and vision. Maak.T & Pless.N.M, 2006). In this movie, Erin was a very dynamic and know how to persuade. She made Ed- her boss to take on the cause to be involve in solving the water pollution case of the PG & E till the end. At the same time, she pay very high attention to the case and hope to help resident at H with all her ethic. Finally, she established trust and cooperation from the town people. Social and environmentErin is not only a leader who care and has responsibility about people and her kids but also she has very ethically view about social and environment . She was very angry when she got a result about the water at town Hinkley and she was determined to bring everything to the light for two purposes it is "safe" for people and animals, and "green" for the