Erin Brockovich Ethical Issues

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Ethical issues within the movie Erin Brockovich
Plot Summary
-based on a true story
-Erin is financially troubled single mother of three that eventually manages to get a job at a law firm
- Erin’s main objective in the movie is to uncover and expose the unethical practise taking place at PG&E
-PG&E’s main unethical practise was its use of an extremely harmful variation of chromium
-Erin decided to represent all of the people who were affected by PG&E negligence
-in the film resolution, Erin is successful in getting justice for the PG&E victims, winning a lawsuit that had over 600 plaintiffs

Chromium Contamination (Water Contamination)
-purpose of the chromium was to prevent corrosion when water is used to cool down the machines used in the factory
-PG&E dumped the excess water into ponds- but skipped the ethical choice to line the ponds first to prevent contamination
-water for the town became contaminated and had major medical effects to over 600 people
-water tests show Hinkely’s water contained .58 ppm compared to legal limit of .05
Chromium contamination (hexavalent chromium vs. chromium 3)
PG&E told the town of HInkely, ca they were using chromium 3 instead of chromium 5
Symptoms of x6 are never ending- chronic headaches, nosebleeds, respiratory disease, liver failure, heart failure, cancer, etc
-PG&E were paying resident’s mental bills for doctors working with them to cover up the damage caused by their use of x6
-After the court decided