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We Must Encourage The Teenagers To Be Involved in Part-Time Jobs

In the 21st century, the majority of the teenagers are taking part-time jobs as their requirements to become successful and as an essential asset that students must consider in high school or even in college whether to take it or not. According to Dennis McLellan’s Article from Los Angeles Times, “Part-Time Work Ethic: Should Teens Go For It?” includes arguments from different stakeholders interviewed that whether the students should do part-time jobs or not. The interviews were from students, writers, researchers, and spokesperson from fast-food companies, and career guidance at high school. McLellan does not on neither agree nor disagree. However, in my opinion, not only the teenagers in America but also any other teenagers should have a part time job while they are in high school, since there are many benefits they could earn through engaging in part-time jobs, and it will definitely support both their current and future life. Hence, I’ll be exploring the statement by several reasons. Part-time jobs can help the students to manage both money and time and learn responsibility, have more experiences in life. In addition, part-time jobs plays important role in college or university applications.
To begin with, students who are involve in part-time jobs will learn how to manage both money and time better and they will be more responsible within their life. Students who do part-time jobs definitely have more money than students who don't do part-time jobs. Also, they will have a productive time use and have less free time than others. The positive thing behind this issue is that they will change their mind and the way of using money and time. For example, from McLellan’s article, John Fovos earns $50, so he uses them for his needs. Also, Shelley Staats mentions that, “To support myself: my car and clothes and just stuff I do, like going out.” These examples explain that the student manages their money on necessary things. Another example would be my own friends, who have also experienced part time job. Through part-time jobs, they could manage their money and time well because they know both academics and jobs are essential in their life. From the time spent on practicing, they’ve learned how to manage time well. Thus, they will change the way they live in the future. They became more organized, more careful with finance usage, appointments, and schedules than before. All these leads to the one final result of responsibility, which will develop them into a better students and better future, hence, it is proven to me since I have seen with my own eyes of how people change due to part time job indeed.
Furthermore, by engaging into part-time job they will have so much more experiences in their life. Since they start at early age, they will receive the information quicker and understand the concept of living their life better than other students who don’t do part-time jobs. Also, the spokespersons from fast food companies, Terry Capatosto, from McDonald, and Paul Mitchell, from Carl’s Jr., mention that it is important for the young people to work and earn money, make products, and have tremendous working experiences. Due to this, they will change their path in their life and make an improvement. For example, I used to do part-time job which was marketing and I believe this was one of the most wonderful and the greatest experience I have ever in my life. In the end, I have sold a property, which costs $400,000 and I received the commission. What I’m approaching through this example is that I had had such a great experience and I know what my career will be in the future. In addition, I had managed my time during the work. Moreover, I felt an amazing feeling after I had sold that property. Now, I know what I should do in the future. Perhaps, it may not be marketing, but I could interpret in one way or another after I graduate. Accordingly, students who do part-time