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Miriam Ceballos
December 18, 2014


In an article called John Steinbeck it tells us that Steinbeck is one of the most popular novelist in America. According to Linda Stubbs even to this day he is a great impact to many americans and a literal figure to some as well.He was born in the Salinas Valley, him and his family were very close and middle class unit. The Salinas Valley later came to be the setting a lot of his books. Steinbeck received a copy of Malory's Morte d'Arthur at the age of nine that became a huge influence in his literary career. Steinbeck went to Stanford University even though he majored in English he never received a degree. John Steinbeck was married three times in his life. Elaine Scott was his last wife, who he had two boys with, and the one he stayed with until he died. Steinbeck died in New York in 1968, but his ashes were buried in Salinas, Ca. At a young age he developed his interest for reading literature and writing. His talent was recognized by his teacher in the short stories and articles he did for the newspaper. In college he continued his career where he would publish articles in the news paper The Stanford Spectator. He worked on and off in many different jobs after high school. Some of the jobs he had were as a ranch hand, and laborer in a sugar factory as well as in mills. Most of his later novels were based on his experiences in these jobs. His first professionally article was published in The Smoker's Companion