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TASK 1- Collect Market Intelligence

The objective of this report is to forecast international market and business needs throughout Australian Academy of Mentoring Coaching (AAMC) Training group. AAMC already expanded their operations overseas starting in India in 2009, currently (november 2013) they are stablished and expanding their business through the asian market. This means that AAMC should always make sure they know about how they are doing locally and internationally, taking their business is proceeded by collecting market intelligence about the global market. through the knowledge of core activities, customer base, business value and current business direction , AAMC could compare the way the other business competitors are in the same industry around the world.
Also AAMC can tell which courses will be profitable or will not be. By analysing the data which records their profit for each course, so this report is going to explain why some courses shouldn't exist any more in Asian market.

The market intelligence about AAMC referring to its internal and external data are how the company has been growing through the last couple of years, the way the company expanded into Asia (India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore) respecting the culture, laws, politics and procedures about each country and the way they focus in the internal trends of each country like the staff , the distribution, the skills , the technology. AAMC Training offers flexible options for their customers learning, to suit busy lifestyles and preferred individual learning styles. It's a company that likes to support the learning objectives, planning and principals of their Australian and international corporate clients. They have strategic partnerships both nationally and internationally which enhance and broaden their service offering to clients.
In comparison with other companies in the market for example: iGATE which recognizes innovation as a key focus area to continually create value for their customers. Through their innovative solutions, they address varied technology and business challenges of their clients, besides ensuring delivery excellence in their services. Complemented by their Business Outcomes model, their Innovation initiative results in assured competitive advantage for their customers. A dedicated team of researchers and experts forming their Research & Innovation Group. another example of one of AAMC competitors is Dale Carnegie Training this company has evolved from one man's belief in the power of personal development to a global workplace learning and performance organization with offices in over 80 countries. they focus on improving the performance of companies by improving their teams’ performance in order to build positive, steady, and profitable results. Dale Carnegie Training partners with governments of all sizes to produce measurable results of their workforce or citizens. From projects as large as an entire agency or as small as one individual.

Evaluating and determining the potential for the product or service in the training market, understanding the market’s business, economic, and political climate; and probe the viability of prospective compannies. The time value of money is a way to calculate the value of a sum of money in the present or in the future. It allows the calculation of Present Value, which is the present value of an amount that is received in the future. It also can calculate Future Value, which is the future worth of a present amount. Also included is the Present Value of an Annuity, which is the present value of a stream of future payments. It can determine the value of the company mortgage today, if AAMC can afford 20 years of payments of $X. Another calculation is Future Value of an Annuity, which is the future value of a stream of payments (annuity).


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