Essay On Being An Immigrant

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You spend multiple months in order to start a new beginning in a foreign country, but the result of your struggle is to end up back in the horrible situation that you left or worse. When an immigrant leaves a country behind, they experienced several hardships to get accepted into a new country, and to stabilize their possible new life. But none of that is guaranteed to any immigrant. They have to overcome multitudes of issues that most people can’t imagine. They need assistance, or at least a welcome to make the brand new start easier for them. Fleeing a past life, becoming accepted into a country, and starting a new life without anything can be the most difficult tasks for an immigrant to get through without support, and that needs to change. …show more content…
Most immigrants want to flee their country to leave a terrible situation. The old country is either riddled with war, poverty, or health-related risks that could be lethal. Possibly something worse, they could be facing persecution for a crime or for an unfair reason. Removing yourself from a situation may be your only hope and it can also be an opportunity to turn your life around, maybe even the lives of your family. A country wouldn’t want to accept someone who had a serious criminal past, possible serious illness, or sometimes someone in poverty. If they don’t pose a risk to the country, let them have a chance to reach a better standpoint in life. Many immigrants who flee horrendous conditions and took the effort to move to an entirely different country, leaving the rest of their life in the dust, are willing to put in strenuous amounts of work in order to start over. People can use past trauma and memories to push them to strive for greatness and gain what’s need for themselves and those around