Essay On Bias In America

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Is America a place of bias today?
This subject is one that I personally have spent a fair amount of hours attempting to understand. I have come to the conclusion that bias in many facets of America is not only present, but its influence has reached what I'd classify as extreme. Bias can easily be seen in a multitude of American culture arenas however for the scope of this essay I will focus on what I find to be the most influential areas. The three I have chosen are the mainstream media, college campuses, and the movie industry.

The United States of America has always been a country of free thinkers and citizens with strong opinions. This tradition has continued and is alive and well today. Political parties in the USA are basically binary, Republican or Democrat is otherwise seen as right or left of the political spectrum. From this point on I will use the terms: left meaning more liberal and the right, meaning more conservative. The mainstream media seems to be one of the most biased sectors of American culture.
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For example, CNN on numerous occasions during their coverage of the 2016 campaign showed a bias with favorable leanings to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Instances include, the network's downplaying the obvious health issues with Hillary and her almost complete lack of public appearances during the campaign. The right's news outlet seemed to be Fox and their biased support for Republican party candidate Donald Trump. It has to be said that in my opinion, Fox's coverage of the election was noticeably less egregious with their subjective support of Donald Trump however it was evident that they were not in favor of Hillary. The influence of the media showed just how biased they are and seem to lack any journalistic