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WHAT ARE HUMAN RIGHTS? There are various definitions and opinions about what human rights are or ought to be. Human rights can simply be defined as the “rights that every individual have simply because he or she is a human being”. Human rights are natural and may even be described as God given rights which every human being is entitled to. Human rights are also universal and entitled to everybody and cannot be taken away by anybody. However, there are situations where a person, who is being restricted of his or her human rights. For example, the right to liberty can be restricted to an individual if he or she is convicted of a crime (Equality and Human Rights Commission, 2016).
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The group did not aim to violently overthrow the Nigerian Government at its inception, but the continuous issue of pervasive police brutality in Nigeria, governments harsh treatments, and clashes between the Muslims and Christians are reasons why the group became radicalized (Johnson, 2015).
Patricio Asfura-Heim and Julia Mcquaid claimed that prior to 2009, Boko Haram was not violent until a confrontation with the security forces changed the whole dynamics of things. This incident along with the capturing of their leader Muhammad Yusuf was the turning point and a shift from being a peaceful religious group to becoming a terrorist group. They lost a number of their members due to the confrontation with the security forces and their leader who was captured later died in police custody. This events motivated the group to go underground and rebuild themselves, which they did, and resurfaced under a different leadership of violence and extremism (McQuaid, 2015, pp. 20-21). The incident between the Boko haram and the security forces started when the member of the Boko haram was on a funeral procession to bury one of their own and were stopped by the anti-robbery task force (police and military personnel) for not wearing the motorcycle helmet. That was when the issue escalated and the police opened fire on the group (HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH,