Essay On Child Labour

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Every work that is done by children is not classified as child labor. Their participation in the works that do not affect their health, interfere their school and damage their personal development is generally regarded positive work such as helping parents in home, part time job for earning pocket money or handling their business that can be done outside school hours and during holidays. These kinds of work not only help them in their grooming, developing confidence and welfare to their families but also provide them skills and experience which is very important to before entering in practical world. (ILO) The term child labor is actually a work that not only harm the potential and dignity of children and deprives their childhood but also refrain them from educating or going to schools. It is a global issue and can be found around the world. The main reason of child
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There is no better way to prevent child Labor than to make education compulsory. Unfortunately Pakistan has the second largest out of school children's population in the world, with 7.26 million children having no access to education due to poverty and the concomitant pressure to earn a living. It is not that poor people do not want their children to be educated. The only impediment is the inaccessibility to education both in terms of money and good schools. Provision of education of course is essentially the responsibility of the state. (International Child Labour Day)

International Child Labor Day is being celebrated since 2002. Initiated by the International Labor Organization, the Day reminds us that child labor is not only illegal, it deprives children of adequate education, health, leisure and basic freedom. The theme of this year is: 'No to Child Labor in Domestic Work.' Of all the kinds of work, domestic employment ranks high as a source of torture and abuse of child workers. (International Child Labour