Essay On Early Intervention

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Description of the Study: This qualitative research is gathering data in preterm babies who are low birth weight that do not take advantages of the early intervention services to help them get ready for kindergarten. The purpose of this research is to gather data on the academic skills assessment, diagnose their skill deficits, and finding new directions for future research. According to the researchers, it is a critical time to contribute to research for academic skills deficits to go hands on hands with disability status, as to give the child access to early intervention when needed. Their main focus is make sure premature babies who are also low birth weight have access to services before heading off to kindergarten to minimize their skills deficits …show more content…
According to the research, the early intervention is not being utilize as much as they thought they would. When they first began collecting data, the researchers started at who are eligible in the programs and who are actually accessing these programs which is surprising very low. In Academic Outcomes for Children Born Preterm: A Summary and Call for Research stated, “As many as 30% of late preterm infants around the gestation of 34-36 weeks and 70% of very preterm infants who are less than 32 weeks meet the edibility for services but only 6% of late preterm and 21% of very preterm infants take part of the services” (pg 96). It is a very low participants for premature infants taking advantages of the services that are offers to improve their academic skills among other things. This research is looking for ways to implement the early childhood intervention services to help the child to decrease the severity of their skills deficits they lack in at school entry and to improve their future academic,