Essay On Egyptian Hieroglyphics

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Egyptian hieroglyphics provide important information regarding the traditions, practices and desires of the Egyptian people. The Egyptian’s had strong beliefs regarding religion and the afterlife. Their culture was similar to people in other areas of the world but they also had some differences. The Egyptians made numerous contributions to society such as art, products and technological advancements. They also showed how to live a grateful life regardless of socioeconomic status.
In regards to religion the Egyptian’s believed in many gods and goddesses. Unlike other cultures the Egyptians feared dying outside the borders of Egypt. Their reason for this was the belief that the land was tied to personal salvation. The only area sanctified
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Even the lower class citizens who did not have nice homes or clothes still appreciated life the same as wealthier Egyptians. All classes of people believed in “The Five gifts of Hathor” that encouraged them to focus on the five things they are grateful for. The Egyptians believed being ungrateful could lead to self-indulgence and bad behavior. They loved their land and believed there was nowhere else to better enjoy existence. The Western World book states the Egyptians believed they should behave because this would “secure a good after-life” (10). Their belief was that one’s actions affected where they would spend the after-life. They would have eternal life if their heart was right. If the heart was not right and was found wanting then Ammut, the Egyptian God, would eat them. Surprisingly the Egyptians lifestyle had some similarities to present day Americans. They watched sporting events such as wrestling, races, sailing and archery. They also enjoyed playing games such as board games. Unlike other civilizations Egyptian women seem to have a lot more opportunity and independence. They were allowed to be priests, doctors or scribes pending they could afford the education. Depending on a woman’s financial class they could wear as much or as little clothing as they wanted. Obviously the Egyptians contributions continue to impact our lives