Essay On English As A Global Language

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The role of English as a global language has become increasingly important in academic and professional settings. In current times English is one of the main languages used in communication across cultures and in international trade. Thus, the dual use of English in the world has influenced how English is taught everywhere including Iceland. As Birna (2007, p. 66) suggests there are various factors that demand for higher level of English proficiency in Iceland specially if students intend to pursue higher learning. These factors include: the increase of international courses taught in English, the increase of textbooks and instructional materials that are written in English and the Icelandic expansion into international commerce. All these factors should be taken into account when preparing secondary students to become part of the current professional and academic world.
Similarly in the National Curriculum Guide (2012), it is also suggest that secondary schools prepare students for higher education and
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Nevertheless, the issue of social justice in English education has been little explored. Thus, with this study I hope to contribute to the talk of social justice in the language classroom in Iceland with aims of creating awareness to English as a global language that belongs to more than one culture (British or American) which in turn creates awareness to English accents and variations, and classroom practices that include critical thinking, discussion of different attitudes and beliefs about gender, race, sexual orientation, division between classes, and disabilities. All these issues fall under the umbrella of social justice and promote individual growth, because through questioning social views and discussing social dilemmas, students have the opportunity to develop their own voice and identity in the target