Essay On Frozen Yogurt

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As the price of pizza gets higher and higher, fewer of us are willing to buy it. people will always buy the cheapest thing. It doesn't matter if you have 5 milj or $200. People are stingy and will always look for the cheaper alternative. And if the price gets higher and higher people are going to stop buying it and find something else. If we take pizza hut for example, people buy their pizza and all of sudden the price start rising, then people might consider a cheaper pizza, from Toni's pizza for example but it all comes down to what we prefer and want to spend our money on. some people might want to but pizza huts pizza even if the price is higher. but the most of us will change to something else. because fewer of us are willing to buy the more expensive thing.
"I kept thinking Somebody should do it," and finally I realized that somebody was going to be me" this quote is from a entrepreneur, and it say so much about how an entrepreneur thinks and should act. If you have a idea of something, it could be anything, do it don't wait for someone else to do it for you. I can relate to this quote because I have a idea I want to start. My idea is a frozen yogurt place with a 80's disco theme and the one serves the frozen yogurts will be serving with rollerblades and the frozen yogurt place would be called fro yo yo. I would love to go and eat frozen yogurt at that place but there is no such thing as that and I can't just sit here and wait for someone to do it, I should do it!