Essay On James Madison's Presidency

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During James Madison’s presidency, numerous of events took place. One of them was the War of 1812. On June 18, 1812, United States—under James Madison’s presidency—declared war on Great Britain. This took place after Great Britain was seizing American ships and using them for their own personal gain since United States was trading with their enemy: France. Great Britain’s seizures were known as impressment since Great Britain was seizing American sailors, and forcing them to join the British Navy. To stop these seizures and Great Britain from gaining control, America declared war on Great Britain. This was a result of the Embargo Act of 1807 since all American exports to Great Britain were considered illegal during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. However, during James Madison’s presidency, the Embargo Act morphed into the Non-Intercourse Act. The Non-Intercourse Act allowed trade, but it forbade trade with Great Britain and France. However, after both acts proved to be ineffective, America lifted the Non-Intercourse Act which allowed trade with France and Great Britain. Still, Great Britain continued to seize American ships. During the James Madison’s presidency (1809-1817), the War of 1812 was a critical issue since it set America on the verge …show more content…
This treaty was known as the Treaty of Ghent (1814). However, both, United States’ and Great Britain’s forces were still at war in New Orleans after the Treaty of Ghent was signed in 1814. This was due to the fact, news about the Treaty of Ghent had not yet arrived to New Orleans since news took months to arrive due to lack of rapid transportation. However, in New Orleans General Andrew Jackson led a successful victory against the British forces. Defeating about 291 British soldiers, and losing about 13 soldiers of its