Essay On Mexican American Culture

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1- Many physical objects that are characterize with my Mexican American culture are pottery, religious artwork, clothing. These types of materials are a major influce on how this culture can thrive and opertate in modern society.
2- The most important value to that I believe in is the family unity. In this course I had learn that family was the most basic unit of a single indviudal can succefully operteate within in the social world. This type of belive may a bit clichéd but it is one of the most strongest values that I hold dearly to me.
3- The Mexican American culture biggest distinctive in my opion would be the strong values that are empathized through bonding and understanding within the catholic believes. Relgion and family would be ranked very high on how much of these ideas are different from other culutres.
4- Many subcultures that are idetifed within the Mexican American heritage are the stable functions within how a house hold is kept through the strong values of family. Many times the strongest member of the family are usally the eldest people. I can identify that most people that are in charge of my family are often the oldest wise people that can understand the problems that are given to them.
5- The most common types of behaviors that are expected within my cultre is to become hard working citizen
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