Essay On Prayer In Public Schools

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Prayer in Public Although prayer in public is traditional, it doesn't abide by the constitution. School prayer has remained a subject in the United States throughout the 20th Century. Engel v. Vitale came around in which school prayer was in a lot of ways forbidden. However, with the passage of the Equal Access Act in 1984, some forms of school prayer were again allowed. The Department of Education now issues a guide to help school administrators crack down on congressional laws and Supreme Court decisions concerning school prayer. An international viewpoint shows that current U.S. policy towards school prayer is unique, as most countries ban prayer in public schools. Prayer in public has always been highly debatable.People shouldn't …show more content…
State laws are different due to religion and alot of states agree to let the Lord's prayer to be said. The Lord's prayer is very important mostly in the Christian. Some people disagree with the sayings and often complain about it and will even take it to court since it doesn't abide by the constitution. In the 1970’s school allowed and said the lord's prayer in public schools. A lot of people don't agree with the lord's prayer because its not said in the way their religion says it and it causes a bunch of complaints. The lord's prayer is really popular ,but some people disapprove with the use of it in public. It was really popular with sports events and it was said before and after the little league world games until 1998. The players didn't have to participate if they didn't want too. Parents of kids playing in the prayer didn't say much about it because it was tradition and everyone was used to it. The Lord's prayer was the most searched prayer in 2016 according to google. Today alot of kids stand up and protest to let them say the prayer without any conflict. Matthew Kenton A football player from Cohetta High School said “ The Lord's Prayer has been said before and every football game i've been in win or lose ever since I was little playing little league