Essay On Roman Empire Religion

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The Roman Empire religion from about 1 to 400 AD was of two types through this type from. The first was Paganism which was a mix of fragmented rituals, taboos, superstitions, and traditions which they collected over the years from a number of sources (Roman Paganism). The other was predominantly Christianity. The religious was there at home, but it was primarily based off the head of the household which was the father at the time. In the public eye the religion was what the Emperor announced it to be.
Roman Empire was at first majority a pagan society that worship gods and goddess. They gave offerings to these different types of gods along with prayer this was done in public areas where temples of the gods were built. Many religious festivals were held to appease the gods (Roman Paganism). As the Roman Paganism states, “And if the worship of a private household took place under the guidance of the father, then the religion of state was in the control by the Pontifex Maximus. The pontifex maximus was the head priest of the Roman state religion.
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These were also known as the priests of this time that oversaw the organization of religious events. They kept records of religious procedures and the dates of festivals and days of special religious significance (Roman Paganism). As in our society today we have many religious figures especially in the Unites States from priest to preachers which oversea religious events as well. I also think they were there to answer any religious questions that the Roman citizens would have and also were there as they worshiped the gods and goddess of that time frame. It sates the reason for this position was allowing following generations of priests and magistrates to understand the historic will of the gods and interpret future events against past patterns