Essay On Space Suits

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Space suits are like miniature space ships. It is stands to revolutionize human space exploration by providing enhanced astronaut extravehicular activity (EVA) locomotion and life support based on the concept of providing a ‘second skin’ capability for astronaut performance. Interplanetary space manned mission needs space suits to protect themselves from external elements such as extreme temperature, low gravity and debris. Since beginning of manned mission developing and improving the space suit for surveying in space moreover incompatibility to meet necessitate such as breathing, water, food, recycling and shelter. They also could do with to be move around, collect samples, make repairs and other functions which is need for space explorations. The more considerations is to reduce the weight and cost. The one by third of manned missions has failed due to their emerging capabilities could not be meet While designing a space suit should be suit in the required environment. (e.g Mars, Lunar or ISS Stations). The proposed method contributes to four under represented NIAC areas, specifically, human space flight, life sciences, information systems and software and innovative. …show more content…
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