Essay On The Role Of Fate In Romeo And Juliet

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As human beings, our lives are constantly changing based on the decisions that we make. To some, these choices are influenced by a higher power, while others believe they are a result of our own errors and mistakes. This leads us to wonder; do the mistakes we make truly affect out future, or are our lives already predetermined on a roadmap signed by fate and destiny? In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, there are several occasions where the characters’ actions are influenced. For some, their actions are a result of fate and destiny’s interference, while others brought their own misfortune upon themselves due to their own human error. In Shakespeare’s drama, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, the element of fate and destiny is less responsible for the final outcome, while human error had a greater affect on the outcome.
In the play, Romeo and Juliet, fate and destiny played a powerful role in influencing the actions of the characters, however, human error was a significant driving force in the play’s final outcome. Fate and destiny first intervenes when Romeo and his cousin Benvolio coincidently meet the Capulet’s illiterate servant and help him read party invitations. Once the servant meets Romeo and
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In Shakespeare’s play, the characters are faced with multiple situations where their actions are influenced. For some, the influence is uncontrollable and caused by fate and destiny, while others are caused by human-made errors. Based on the errors we make in life, out true personalities are revealed to those around us. From these personalities, we begin to hope for the greater good to appear in our futures. As fate and destiny shapes our futures we learn that the mistakes and errors we make really guide us to see the full potential in our lives and