Essay On Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality news, breakthroughs and hardware devices
Virtual Reality also known as VR is commonly used by the media to describe the make-believe worlds which only exist in on our heads and in computers. However, another definition for VR is a computer-generated digital environment that can act as though the environment is in the real world.
VR design is more interested about the communication of how virtual reality works and the relationship between user and content as users are more interested rather than the technology. The technological advances have made the unique settings available to users such as 360 videos watched on smartphones and at times using a cheap cardboard headset. With that, like in the real world, users are able
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During the fair, the users felt motion similar to being in an elevator while they involuntarily gripped their seats however, the swing barely moved, but the surrounding room moved mainly causing in the sense of self motion and motion sickness.

Another example, “ L’Arrivèe d’un train en gare de La Ciotat” a short film went mainstream as audience saw virtual train coming at them through the screen and some described that they had screamed and ran to the back of the room during the scene. Similar to what is happening with the VR today, there was excitement and fear about the new artistic medium.
Fast forward to the 2000s where during first decade of the 21st century, VR was given attention by the media as the VR research continued deeper at corporate government, academic and military research laboratories all around the world. The VR community began to turn toward human-centered design and became difficult to get a VR paper accepted at a conference without containing some form of evaluation. Unfortunately, today, VR-related research papers from this period which contain a rich amount of knowledge is largely unknown and ignored by those new to