Essay On Wealth Gap In America

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The wealth gap in America is worse than it has ever been. There are many reasons why America’s economy is the way it is right now. We live in the richest country of the world but that means nothing since the wealth is controlled by a handful of citizens. That is a huge problem that must change. In my essay, I will be addressing issues that could propose an economic solution to help our country. One issue is welfare and the fact that many US citizens abuse it for many different reasons. It’s not fair that our hard earned money is simply being given away. Raising minimum wage to $10.10 will have many positive results. Those results will be addressed in my paper. The last point I will be addressing is how important early education is to children. There are many reasons why early education leads to being successful in life.
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Both income and wealth is important in a family's financial security but wealth cushions families againsts emergencies and real life problems, and gives them the means to move up the economic ladder. There is a huge problem in America involving the wealth gap among all citizens. Money gets you through life but you have to work to earn that money. There are different actions to take in order to develop an economic solution to this problem but it will take time. Welfare is a huge issue in America. There are people who do need welfare in order to better themselves. Then again, there are people who use the welfare system just to receive free money for their own possessions. That issue will be addressed. In order to earn money, you must work. Raising minimum wage to $10.10 will create improved living standards for families. There are many positive changes that could be made if minimum wage is raised. Another issue that will be addressed is early education. Wealth inequality is worse than ever right now and all issues must be addressed in order for that to