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Athletes and sports play a major role in our society. Everywhere we go we see and hear about sports. People are interested in different kinds of sports because there are so many different ones nowadays. With the help of sports technology, a lot of sports are really popular right now. Some sports wouldn’t exist anymore without sports technology. We idolize athletes because of their good performances and we wish we were more like them. Almost every child has a favorite athlete in its childhood. All these athletes are becoming better and better because of better clothes, better training materials, and better training surfaces. So does technology makes athletes role models for this society? There are two kinds of athletes: positive and negative athletes. Technology plays a role in an athlete’s character. Positive athletes take all the advantages out of the new technology that is able for them. It motivates to train better and have better results after. They use the technology to become a super star and to show the love for the sport they play. Negative athletes use technology but not in the good way. They see the use of drugs and cheating as a new technology. People might be impressed by their performance until they find out that they used other methods to get these results. I would like to mention the positive athletes as role models. A role model can be defined as a person whose behavior, example or success is or can be emulated by others, especially young people. Sport technology helps the athletes to become these role models. They way how athletes use technology is enormous nowadays. For example: I remember myself as a young girl on a field hockey field. We played with wooden sticks and normal sport shoes. Today, I play with the best sticks, on a water-based turf, and turf shoes. Everything changed in a short amount of time. That is why a lot of people are so impressed by sport’s results. The Olympics are a good way to show the differences in results every 4 year. People set new world records, earn more medals, and win more games. This is all with the help of sports technology. People are becoming more famous because of their success and people are going to like them. These athletes are becoming role models. I mentioned sports technology already a couple times and how it helps the athletes but how does it exactly work. Sports technology can be divided in different categories. The three main categories are clothes, sports equipment and balls, and sports surfaces. All these help athletes to become role models. First, the constructions of sportswear have changed over time. Clothes affect all sports, which is why it is such an important part of sports technology. Every sport needs different clothes but the most common new inventions are lighter clothes, dry fit clothes, and tighter clothes. Clothes are really important for sports like track & field, swimming, and ice-skating. These sports are all about time related results so it is important that the clothes they wear fit perfectly and don’t make them slower. Sports equipment and balls are also related to the technology. Not all sports use sticks, bats, or balls but for the ones who use it, it plays a major role in the sport. Equipment makes sure that you can hit harder and that the ball goes faster without putting to much effort in it. The technology uses materials that make the equipment lighter and easier to play with. Balls in this aspect are different for every sport. Ball technology is all about the material they use when they make the ball. The last kind of technology is the sport surfaces. Over the years people played on what they had and made the best of it but nowadays that is totally different. Every sport has its own specific place where they play the sport. The surface is made so the sport can take everything out of it and uses the best skills to get the best results. These three different categories all help to make an athlete a role model for the society.