Ethical Behavior in the Workplace Essay

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In summary, this essay is defined what does ethics mean and how the manager shows the ethical behaviour to their employee and other department. There are a discussion about several similarities between characteristic and principle of being an ethical person. The characteristic is one of the models of being an ethical person to act in their ethics or behaviour lives. In order to show the manager roles it is important to show the employee about how to make a decision by using the framework and four elements of decision making. It is also important to have an organisation or group discussion to discuss what is the next step to solve the problems. At this time, an ethical manager should show a respect to their employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. The manager relies that being an ethical person is challenging, that is why he/she needs to has an experience working with many different ethical behaviour backgrounds. It is shows on my example that my boss has gives a lot of ethical example within the workplace or outside the workplace. Even through, he has shown his emotional to the employee, but it is the best step because some employee just likes to argue with the customer.The result show that now he is become a successful business man.Finally, the last essay is referred to my opinion and planning how to be a good ethical manager roles. It is important to understand how to be a professional being an ethical manager. It is also shown by my ability and skills to become