W5 Global Organization

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W5 Global Organization

In order for every culture on earth to associate with each other there must be peacekeepers. In every community there is a local peace keeping core known as the police. Police govern ethical behavior along with moral ones as well. Not only are there local communities, but there are communities on a large scale as well that we call nations. They may live on separate continents, but we have to interact with one another and come to common ground in order to delegate. The global organization I police of the world. When there is trouble in other nations, we feel responsible to help those countries that do not have the same capabilities as we do. We set up post filled with military personnel to help other nations keep peace between each other. We also take on the responsibility of keeping the world free from terrorism. I believe that each one of these qualities have many good sides to them. There are some cases where the police have to decide when to act and when not to. You could lock up a young kid that had a small amount of drugs on him, or you could use this information to get to the source of the problem. I feel as if we need to be very careful in picking which situations to act and when not to. For the most part I agree in every aspect of the decisions that have been made concerning the military but there are a few issues that have to be considered when going in to other parts of the world and implementing your culture.

The United States is one nation on a very short list of other nations that have state of the art technology and capabilities. With how much knowledge we have gained and the technology that allows us to learn more and more each day, the United States takes on the responsibility of looking out for the well being of the world. Our interactions with other nations have caused us to send aid to other countries in many different forms. This aid could be in the form of food. We send troops over to other countries to deliver food to certain communities that are in need. We have also gone and sent medical teams to evaluate the quality of life in different cultures. I believe we have a big heart here in the United States. For the most part I think we do a good job of making good decisions. We do need to keep in mind the consequences of each action that we do.

As I mention earlier one of the things we take upon ourselves to do is to keep the peace between nations. One area I think we need to consider more is the long-term affect of our decisions. At one point in time it may seem necessary for us to go across the globe to help a struggling nation end a civil war or keep one from occurring. For the side that is the gaining our help I am quite sure they would be very much appreciative. For the side that would be going up against a power house like us would not be very thrilled. This in turn would create some animosity towards our nation and our people. Not only would it create an issue going forward, but also it could make matters worse. I am sure we all heard about the gassings in Syria. The United States wanted to go over there and enforce their will and shutdown the opposition. When we saw that other parties would join in, it would cause a local matter to become a global matter within just a few decisions. I think it is wonderful we want to keep people safe, but we have to consider the cost. We have to think of the bigger picture and later down the road and the consequences that come with the decision we make.

Another costly decision we have made in the past, which I feel we did not think through entirely, is our situation in Iraq. Do not think for one second, that I believe it was ok for a group of people to come over here and slaughter innocent