Ethical Perspective Essay

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Ethical Perspective

The ethical perspective of an individual has a profound affect on how he lives his life. Ethical perspective can be that of character, obligation, results, or equity; or C.O.R.E.. An individual may fall into one of these perspectives or may be blended between two or more. An individual’s ethical perspective can be reflected in the culture of their organization and determines how they handle ethical situations on a daily basis. My personal ethical perspective is substantially that of obligation. Ethics are the moral values, beliefs, and rules that one establishes to deal with others, economic or social issues, laws, their priorities, and their own self-interest (Weiss, 2006). Individuals do this by leveraging
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He is concerned that human judgment is uncertain and that human knowledge is unstable. When determining if a person is ethical, he looks at how practical their actions are (The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management, 2003). Because of the changing world, he believes that principles and rules should be adapted to the times and question the motives of people who try to define moral values. As with any ethical perspective, an individual with an equity perspective has his own ethical style. Because they distrust codes of ethics, he believes that it is necessary to change one’s beliefs periodically, and that there are no absolute standards of what is right or wrong. The individual will critically analyze the overall impact of any possible decision to any situation (The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management, 2003). Because he sees a multitude of possible solutions to each situation, he is frustrated by anyone trying to define what should be important and what is moral. Having an ethical perspective of obligation, I do believe that each individual is entitled to respect. I live by the standard that every person has a moral obligation to do what is right, to be conscientious of what they do, and overall, that they are respectful to all others. Many factors contribute to my ethical perspective including my values. Values are essentially the beliefs and