Ethical Speaking Analysis Essay

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Ethical Speaking Analysis
May 28, 2014
University of Phoenix
Ethical Speaking Analysis My analysis will be discussed in the following recollection. I will discuss how I observed a speaker who is military instructor at a Military Advancement school. My observation was requested due to the fact that there had been reports of a soldier who needed an educationally diverse environment. As a result of said issue the soldier was being neglected academically in class and in fact my observation shows that the instructor made the environment more challenging for the student and did not try to follow curriculum. When I walked into the classroom the soldier was resting his head on his desk with a pillow. Before I could even tell the instructor why I was there he said to me, “He’s laying his head on his desk. He said he was tired today because he went out all night watching the Christmas lights. The instructor seemed aggravated. His tone was condescending, not to mention he stated this across the room in front of the class while they were all sitting in their chairs. The class was discussing their project which was about metal shop skills. The instructor stated to me that, “The project assignment is outta his league.” He stated this right in front of the soldier. The solider was left alone and I redirected by asking the instructor for the learning syllabus. The soldier seemed agitated when I directed him to work and even told me at one point that I was making him mad. He did not read from the assignment given. The soldier was at the point of shutting down academically due to the uncomfortable learning environment.
In my opinion, the instructor is not ethically appropriate due to his sarcasm and condescending tone. Most importantly, the soldier was not being provided his right to a diverse education. I think personally, this is why I was sent to this class in the first place; the instructions are not being directed at the soldiers in an effective way. The instructor seems to think that putting the soldier on the easy tasked assignments is a quick fix