Essay on The Art of Public Speaking Chapter Study Notes 1-7

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The Art of public speaking

Chapter 1: Speaking in public
Power of Public Speaking
Greek Pericles: one who forms a judgment on any point but cannot explain it clearly might as well never had thought at all on the subject”
Public speaking is consistently rated high on employers lists
The Tradition of Public Speaking
Historical people who used speaking effectively
Similarities and Differences in Public Speaking and Daily Conversation
Organizing your thoughts logically
Tailoring your message to your audience
Telling a story for maximum impact- building up your story
Adapting to listener feedback
Speaking to groups is very highly structured
Strict time restrictions
Most don’t allow for question
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Is it taken from objective sources?
Is it relevant to the speaker’s claims?
Is it sufficient to support the speaker’s point?
Listen for technique
Take note of any speakers techniques of delivering the speech to better your own speech techniques
Developing good note taking