Essay on Ethics and Jasper Jones

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Script | Rose | Good morning, Everyone, and welcome to BTR, we are joined by the one and only Craig Silvey | Brittney | Hello, thank you, for having me. | Rose | We are also joined by Harper Lee | Tyanna | Hello, and thank you | Rose | So Craig, let us know more about you, other than you being an author. Such as where you were born? And Raised? | Brittney | I grew up on an orchard in South- West of the black Swan State. I absolutely hated doing our house chores, and would try effortlessly to get out of them. I took books out with me while I picked and packed apples at work, so I’m not surprised I became an author. I went to a very strange but lovely school which was integrated inside a Victorian era, tourist attraction called Pioneer World. | Rose | So, when did you start writing? | Brittney | I started writing when I was 18, when I wrote my first book, Rhubarb. | Rose | So Craig, we are here today, to talk about your best seller Jasper Jones. | Brittney | Yep… | Rose | Tell us, what inspired you to write Jasper Jones. | Brittney | Umm... Well... the name of Jasper Jones began as a name that wouldn’t let me go, so I decided that he would be the main character in my next novel, I also had a decision to make; impulsively follow Jasper Jones down to his glade in the dead of night, or see this book that I was currently working on, that wasn’t going anywhere. | Rose | So you decided to follow the path of Jasper Jones? | Brittney | Yeah... | Rose | So tell us about Jasper Jones? | Brittney | Certainly, um well Jasper Jones is a coming of age, southern gothic mystery novel set in the 1960’s.The narrater is a young boy called Charlie Bucktin, who um who has this geeky presence in the town of Corrigan. | Rose | How did you get interested in writing this particular genre of Jasper Jones? | Brittney | I became interested in writing a coming of age, southern gothic mystery novel, after I wrote my first book Rhubarb, and read To Kill A Mockingbird | Rose | What was the hardest part of writing Jasper Jones? | Brittney | The hardest part of writing Jasper Jones was, keeping up with the characters and addressing the issues that I wanted to, without coming across to negative. | Tyanna | Can I just ask, do you get attached with your characters, when your writing a book like Jasper Jones? | Brittney | Yea I really do, its strange, um that’s they way I kind of know if the book is good or not, if your not attached with your with chat=racters, then there is no real connection with your book and you. | Rose | What was the target audience for Jasper Jones? | Tyanna | The target audience for Jasper Jones in particular was teens, or young adults. | Rose | Oh nice, So Craig, you address many different issues in your book. | Brittney | Yes... | Rose | Did you mean to? | Brittney | Yes, I actually wanted to address at least one social, ethical and moral issue, throughout the novel. | Rose | So obviously the social issue that you addressed is, suicide? | Brittney | Yes, I wanted to address suicide, as a social issue because, more and more people, teens in society are committing it. Suicide isn’t the answer to everything. | Tyanna | That’s right, suicide isn’t the answer for your problems. After reading your book of Jasper Jones I found that bullying is raised in terms of an ethical issue. | Brittney | Yes, bullying is never going to fade or go away, it is always going to be evident in society. So I wanted to address it in my novel. Bullies love to pick on the kids that look or talk different, so I thought that the Lu family should get thrown in there, this being the perfect opportunity to use bullying. | Rose | Yes, I agree, harper lee as a writer yourself do you find it difficult to mention social, moral and ethical issues in your books. | Tyanna | Yes as a writer myself, I know it is very difficult to address these issues in a