Essay on Ethics and Leadership

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Ethics and Leadership
Kristen Joseph
Professor Shana Nicholson
April 9, 2011

Meta ethics is the branch of ethics that seeks to understand the nature of ethical properties, and ethical statements, attitudes, and judgments. Finding the answers to the questions how do we distinguish the good from the bad.

Normative ethics is interested in determining the content of our moral behavior. Normative ethical theories seek to provide action-guides; procedures for answering the practical question ("What should I to do?").
The whole story brings out one question - what does a parent do when he hears about his child getting bullied? What if your loved one is called names and is picked on every day? Can you see your kid is stress? This article about the father (James Jones) getting on the school bus behind his daughter getting bullied is normative ethics. He asked not only the world as well as himself what should he have done… he admitted that it was wrong and maybe he should have taken another approach but this was the only way to get through to the kids on the bus that he would not tolerate them bullying his handicapped daughter. James Jones, 42-year old from Sanford (Florida), was arrested on the charges of disorderly conduct and disturbing a school function, after he boarded a school bus and threatened children who were picking and bullying on his 13-year old daughter. html -
Applied Ethics attempts to deal with specific realms of human action and