Ethics and Newspaper Chain

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Ethics Assignment Week 2
Carol Rodriguez
Principles of Ethics
November 9,2014

Group A
An airline pilot goes for his regular medical checkup. The doctor discovers that he has developed a heart murmur. The pilot only has a month to go before he is eligible for retirement. The doctor knows this and wonders whether, under these unusual circumstances, she is justified in withholding the information about the pilot's condition.
Thinking about a situation such as this is a dilemma between one’s own personal moralities’ as well as the patients’ rights. For instance, Augustine believed that using reason (which for him included logic, history, and natural sciences) was beneficial to illuminating the Christian faith; he also believed that using these avenues in order to do so was only necessary if one was not a Christian. So therefore, logically speaking normally if the airline pilot is going for regular checkups it is obvious that the patient cares very much about his health as well as his job. Although, the situation may be a tough decision I think the doctor has no right in withholding the patients information from him because not only is that endangering himself but thousands of other people as well. What I mean is that Aquinas believed that faith and reason, are essential and not contradictory, in fact, knowledge is essential in the act of faith; so theoretically speaking the pilot goes to his yearly medical checkups every year hoping for a clean bill of health so that he can do a job that he likes doing but now if let’s say there might be an issue in his health then the pilot has the right to know simply for the fact that it is in his right as a patient to get all the information from his or her health care provider. Now, let’s say if the doctor took sympathy for the patient after examining him and did withhold the information from the patient because she wanted him to get his full benefits and be eligible for retirement so then the patient goes about his day thinking he is another year healthy. When he gets to work, he starts to fly a plane up 10,000 feet in the air the pilot starts to feel a little pressure in his chest and all of the sudden passes out and because of that the co-pilot has no idea what to do because the pilot himself does not know what is wrong with him; therefore, endangering himself and every other passenger aboard the plane, eventually causing a big lawsuit and multiple deaths. I can see where the doctor is coming from because it is in every person heart to want to see their patient live a good and full life. But in a medical professional stand point it is unethical in withholding such a vital information such as a heart murmur from a patients simply because in our humanly nature we would take pity on our patient and would want the best possible outcome. Although, I empathize greatly I would rather have the health care provider to be professional and keep all emotions or feelings to the side simply because this is a decision that I will have to deal with and I rather know that something such as this is happening to me because if I were to cause harm to thousands of other people cause of something I had no control over, I would probably never forgive myself. So I would rather have been told the truth then the lie just cause of the consequences that can happen if the patient was