Ethics Case: "A Good Team Player" Essay

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Ethics Case: "A Good Team Player"

1) Describe the factual situation Steven, a staff accountant in the accounts payable section, is confident that he knows the “ins” and “outs” of the bureaucratic organization he works in. Kristin, a new manager of accounts payable, no non-sense type of manager, Kristin was experienced and determined to perform her new assignment with the same vigor that had brought her so much success throughout her career. Steven believes people seem to gain promotions and have the opportunity to work overtime based on who likes them rather than the quality of their work. As a result, Steven who is dissatisfied with what he senses are political machinations that have influenced managerial decision making within
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And it will protect the other employees and their rights. Stockholders will be unhappy because their employees not provide useful information to company. In the last scenario, Steven would request time to consider his options. On a macro and company level, this will do nothing to improve or reduce the ethics of the company. Maybe he can find a logical explanation that will allow the firm to better themselves without any problems. Individually, Steven will with the status quo.
4) Indicate which alternative course of action that each of the following four approaches to ethical behavior would favor.
1. The Utilitarian Approach: Steven would be to respond Kristin's demands and give her the names of the bad team players. The action would benefit the greatest number of people.
2. The Justice Approach: Steven would be to refuse to go along with either of Kristin's demands. That will treat people most fairly according to legal rules.
3. The Human Rights Approach: Similar to the utilitarian approach, the will make sure minimize the harm to the fundamental rights of the stakeholders affected by it.
4. The Individualism Approach: Steven could request time to consider his options. He can belief his primary commitment is long-term advancement of self-interests. For the short-term and long-term costs and benefits of each alternative. Steven would not have long-term benefit if he accede to