Ethics: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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My personal perspective of ethical model is that the ethical bottom line should not be broken. Whatever you do with your business or work, the basic requirement is that there is no harm on other people and you should not violate other people’s privacy. Honesty is my first important personal ethical perspective character, if you want to get trust from other people, you need to show your honesty to them to gain their honesty and respect. There is no gain if you don’t pay first, honesty is one of the most important character to determine that this person is successful or not.
Ethical Dilemma is the difficult condition whether you choose right or wrong, ethical or unethical, valuable or not valuable. There have to be one chosen by your own decision and willing. Ethical Dilemma sometimes can cause chosen panic, which may drive people crazy in some situation.
There are a lot of Ethical Dilemma happen in our daily life. For example, this is a very controversial heat topic in China. When an old people fall down on the ground, would you help the old people or just let it go? It is really common thought that it is really unethical for us to leave the old people on the ground instead of helping. There was one situation happened in China that there was an old man fall down on the ground, there was an enthusiastic young man trying to help the old man. However, the old man shout that it is the young man who push him on the ground. The old man also require the young man to pay his medical fees since the old man does not hurt at all. The people who is kind and enthusiastic only deserve this result after rescue old man, how pathetic this situation is, who want to do this kind of things after treated as this?
There is no doubt that it is ethical to rescue the old man, in the other hand, you need to face the risk of cheated by the stranger and you need to spend money to do a good thing. This is the main reason why there is no people willing to rescue the old people on the ground since they are afraid they are cheated by the people on the ground.. They are afraid that they pay their money by doing good things. The old man who cheat the enthusiastic young man also considered unethical. How pathetic this situation is!
Ethical leadership and corporate social responsibility are gradually important in modern society. There are a lot of hard competitions between different corporations worldwide. The Ethical leadership and corporate social responsibility cause all the attention from every part of society. In my own perspective view,