Ethics Reflection Paper

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Ethics Reflection Paper
Lourdes Munoz
STR/581 Strategic Planning & Implementation
September 2nd, 2010
Gary Solomon

Ethics and Social responsibility resides in an important set of our own personal values. When it comes to Business matter and operation the customer must feel confidence and this has been taken for granted several times on recent corporate scandals and collapses, a perfect example of missed conducted ethic and responsibility is Enron. Is extremely important for companies to incorporate ethics and responsibilities to their strategic planning. Strategic planning using ethics and responsibility corresponds to company who are engaged with customer face to face or their involvement is not physical or direct,
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The Role of Social Responsibility The Role of Social Reponsability is a major element to a strategic planning in a business. This demand has been marked by numerous claims linking corporate social responsibility to a firm’s profits, particularly in professional publications (Kanter, 1999). A social responsibility can be an example of ethical behavior. It’s attractive to general society. A business on the other side not very often can afford to go around and do good deeds if is not potential to receive a profitable benefit. Sometimes companies go beyond what is optional intending to create a benefit for others beside the company. A good example of a socially responsible behavior could be a company raising money for a research on a disease or raise money for a cause or make a requirement for their employees to volunteer in a community service. My Ethical Perspective My ethical perspective has expanded via this program, as I have understood the relationship involving ethics and its repercussion in a business. I have understood the meaning of ethics in terms of help to the stakeholders of an organization and the significance in the organization's day-to-day process. The program has qualified to identify the relationship concerning ethics and the different mechanism of the strategic plan of the organization. The upcoming of our organizations, the people they stand for, and the wider society that can only be build up by push in