Essay on Euthanasia: Suicide and Mercy Killing

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Euthanasia: Legalizing in all states and causes
Euthanasia which is also known as “Mercy Killing” is very popular nowadays. It is ending of life to be relieved from difficult sufferings. There are many cases in euthanasia like; voluntary and involuntary, passive and active. Euthanasia is a lot similar to ‘assisted suicide’. As most people think it should be legal in all states for certain situations because paralyzed people have to suffer a lot because of the pain and doctors , nurses or their own family members have to take care of them all the time and also a person has rights that should be fulfilled. In United States 40% of more of the people are paralyzed, they have a lot of suffering to do as “Pain is not always adequately controlled by palliative medicine, 5-10% of cancer maybe of this type and in some cases it can only be ‘palliated’ by producing a prolonged unconsciousness”(Snyder). Diseases causing suffering are one of the main causes of euthanasia as “Pain was cited as a major reason for requesting euthanasia other influences included functional impairment, dependency, burden, social isolation, depression, hopelessness and issue of control and autonomy” (Mak).We all know “People die from their illness, not from withdrawal of treatment” (Nasso) but many people who oppose this say that if one person can be saved other can be to and living is much better then dying. Killing is not always wrong, we all have to respect each other and our lives it always depends on the situation we are in for example like in abortion and euthanasia itself so it’s not morally wrong. Also “Involuntary euthanasia has been justified as necessitated by the need to make decision for patients not competent to choose for themselves” (Herbert). “Voluntary euthanasia means the act of putting the person to death in the end results of the person’s own free will and Involuntary mean that the person is put to death without explicitly requesting it” (Quill). Most of the cases doctors, nurses or their own family members have to take care of the patients but “Doctors are not here to care for everybody, so death is a natural part of the cycle of life and as a physician/doctor they have the opportunity to grant people peace and comfort in their death and it’s something that they are not unwilling or afraid to do” (Magnusson). All of the doctors wish best for their patients but even they can’t save them most of the time but people who oppose this think that doctors are like gods who can save everyone. And every day “doctors assist their patient to commit suicide, most is done quietly and indirectly with only family knowing or guessing the truth” (Nasso) because it’s not legal. Assisted suicide is “where an individual, physician or not, provides another individual with the means to kill himself” (Haber). We all wish that our loved one could be with us always but that is