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Program design, timeline, and program evaluation for Head Start training teachers
Program design, timeline, and program evaluation for Head Start training teachers
Intro – Jacki Head Start is an organization that has been a staple community resource for many years. They have been great reference for many families. Over time the technology and the expectation that the school districts require have changed. In order to keep up with the changes in the environment, Head Start teachers are in need of new updated computers that provide resources on how to effectively teach this new generation of students. Head Start teachers are also in need of gaining new instruction in the way to teach children. Teachers need to complete training that the requirements ask of them to maintain their job title.
Describe the Head Start Program-Danielle
The Head Start program partners with public and private agencies to provide comprehensive services to children and families to meet basic needs, further work and or educational goals, develop skills in parenting, and prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. According to “Head Start” (2014), “Head Start promotes the school readiness of young children from low-income families through local programs. Head Start and Early Head Start programs support the mental, social, and emotional development of children from birth to age 5” (About Head Start).
Our introductory literacy program will implement literacy at the Head Start level, better preparing the children for kindergarten. The foundation for successful reading begins by talking, reading aloud to children and playing rhyming games and reciting the alphabet. This will increase the child’s vocabulary and desire to read.

What are goals- Jacki
The goals of the creating a highly educated teaching staff is the main purpose of the request for funding. Obtaining the funding to get computers is also very important. Teachers that are going to be required to obtain more college credits will need access to computers on a frequent basis, it is important that Head Start provide resources for their teachers to become successful. The first objective it to get the teachers on board, they need to be aware of what training is expected of each of them. Because each teacher or employee has different requirements based on if they are an aid, if they are a teacher’s assistant, or a teacher. Finding the necessary programs is important. A teacher may need college credits so it is important that Head Start find a college that is willing to take the whole organization on. It may be best in this case to connect with a school that has online resources. Teacher’s assistants may need Continuing Education Credits and an aid may need first aid. Finding these resources are very important. Obtaining computers and applicable software is important. Finding an adequate evaluation system to make sure that Head Start staff is following through with the trainings that have been made available to them is another key objective. This could be done by turning in grades, CEC forms, and completion of first aide certificates. Finally the last objective to gain proper training for Head Start staff is to get the funding to do be able to train staff effectively.

Who is involved- Jacki
Head Start is a large organization that has both state and federal funding granted to them. This is important to remember when asking who is involved with making some adjustments to the way the teachers are teaching in the classrooms. Government officials, financial aid departments, site directors, teachers, teachers assistants, aides, and most important the families that Head Start services will be effected by encouraging teacher’s to get and maintain education. Government officials are going to have to find ways to create more funding to get resources needed such as computers, new curriculum, and paying for the actual trainings needed for teachers to be successful within the classrooms.