Everglades Research Paper

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The Everglades

Rachel Thompson

BIO 100

January 11, 2011

Connie Cassidy

The Florida Everglades is the state’s most highly visited park in the state. The Everglades is also home to thousands of animals, reptiles, and plants. Many tourist travels just to get a glimpse of the many exotic reptiles. Although, the Everglades is very beautiful it’s also one of the most endangered parks in the state. The park is endangered from humans and land developments. The state has laws imposed to protect the everglades. In order for people to save and protect the Everglades there are things we have to do on part. Throughout this essay I will go into depth about the different species, human threats, and what we can do to protect one of our
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As much as we are destroying our land, tourists are bringing even more problems to our Everglades. In the year of 2003 many viewers witness all over the world a snake devour a crocodile. Many, people sat shocked and watched the event reply on national news channels repeatedly and many of these viewed wondered how this could be happening in our Everglades. Since the beginning of time some people have loved to have exotic pets and many times with these exotic pets people don’t understand how to tame the animal. In consequence of not being fully aware of how to tame an animal decide to rid themselves of the animal by dumping them into the wild. The Burmese Python has become a favorite pet among many individuals and many of these individuals don’t understand how to tame the python. Many of this pythons has been found in the Everglades and other animals that don’t belong in the Everglades have been found. Animal dumping is increasing and people are using the Everglades as place to dump unwanted pets. The Burmese Python does not belong in the Everglades because it has an increasingly hungry appetite for other animals and the climate in the Everglades is the perfect climate for pythons. The pythons can survive in the Everglades climate and have many different animals to choose from to devour. “Some estimates, there are now 150,000 pythons in the park and there is no doubt that pythons pose a grave threat to the fragile Everglades ecosystem.” (Scholastic Scope