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Krishondra Reynolds
Medical Law & Ethics
Feb. 4, 2013 Should animals ever be used in research?
I feel like animals should be used in research but to a certain extent. I think that some of the physicians and scientists go a little overboard sometimes with the testing. Animals do have feelings and rights just as any human does. I look at it this way, no human should treat an animal being tested for the latest drug, medicine or cosmetic, how they wouldn’t want their little dog Rufus or cat Sophia treated at home.
There are some up sides to testing animals for our personal uses. For one what if one of your loved ones was sick and needed some new form of medicine that needed to be tested, and tested efficiently. The safer route I feel would be to test a vaccine out on a monkey, rat or a dog and not a human. It may just be because of animal research that medicine can help your aunt or uncle live. If I had a choice between the life of a dog or cat and the life of my children, sister, mother, or brother. I would pick the person.
Animal testing is not always ideal, but it does remain necessary for research. It is important to consider the well being of animals when conducting research but in saying that there would be so many developmental possibilities. Since testing on animals can lead to new products and medicine that have potential to improve and save the lives of both humans and animals, I think that its justified.
There are also some down sides to animal testing