Everything That You Need to Know About Social Networking and Its Services Essay

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Everything that you need to Know about Social Networking and Its Services
Sheraton Graham
INF 103 Computer literacy
Professor Edgar Hodge
December 3, 2012

I must say that my introduction to social networking started at a very late age in my life. Although I was familiar with using the internet and browsing websites, but one day my niece came over to my house to ask me: “Whether or not she can use my desktop to check her page. Lashondra (my niece) ask me have I ever heard of a social network by the name of Facebook. My response was “no”, she also show me how to setup a new account with the social media. I came to realized that Facebook was a site of millions of people that are trying to stay connected, and meet new people. In this essay, I will be talking about “What is Social Networking?”, and I will be giving you the history of several social websites such as Facebook, You Tube, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. Another subject that I would touch basis on is: What others think about these particular websites’ privacy policies, and its advantages and disadvantages.
What is Social Networking?
Social Networking is a grouping of different people which belongs to a specific group. Social networking can be possible in the work place, colleges and high schools, but the most common popularity is online. The main purposes of social media are meeting new peoples, creating profiles, sharing photo, videos, messaging, personal ideas, and communicating with others (staying connected). There are millions of individuals that are looking for relationships, and also wanting to share their experiences to the public. (www.What is a social network? (2006-2012). For example, someone could be cooking and creating recipes to share online, this could be a music video that they have found on a website or it could be an interesting news article. A lot of business uses social media for advertising a new product and as well as an old product to promote sales. Technology has become so brilliant that you can meet on a social website by talking and seeing what someone else is doing all the way from Maine to Alabama. In other words, you have the benefits to communicate with whomever you choose to as long as you abide by the websites terms and agreements.
The Social Networking Privacy Matters
Have we ever wonder do our privacy matters when we are browsing a social media? Our privacy concerns are definitely important in this case. In other words, you can be careful about sharing information with the public, but your data can still be open to other user simply because you are browsing a public networking. Some social network states in their terms and agreement that your information would be private if you go to certain settings to change your information but that is not always the case. There are two kinds of information that can be gathered about a user from a social network: information that is shared and information gathered through electronic tracking. Some information that is not private on a social network is: photos, age, gender, biographical information, posts, contacts, interests, and geographical location. While using a Social network the website doesn’t necessarily promise the security of a person information that has been uploaded to one’s profile, although some people posts may be set to the private setting.
Facebook History
Facebook is a website that was launch on February 4, 2004. The social network was founded by a student name Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University. On the date that the social media was found there were many college students who join Facebook. Many students at different college posted “like” on Facebook page. Eventually, it was several people who used Facebook everyday to keep up with their fellow classmates, friends, family, upload numbers of photos, shared videos, special links of their choose and etc. The purpose of Facebook was to help the world stay open and connected. (Zuckeberg, M. (2004). “You may