Evidence - Based Management Essay

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& Date
Key outcome(s)
Dependent variable(s)
Influences on key outcome(s) Research questions discussed;
Relationships and differences
Origin of ideas and evidence
Methodology & sample characteristics
Key conclusions, suggestions
Key findings or hypotheses
Quality, Compare to others’ ideas, Implications for managers

Basic citation information
(so you can find the citation in your bibliography or online)

- Dependent variable(s)
- Definition(s) and measure(s) of dependent variable(s)
- Measurement scales for measures of dependent variable(s) {nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio}

- Statement of key research question(s)
- Identify key independent variables
- Identify intervening or moderator variables
- List “extraneous” variables
- Measurement scales used for variables listed in this column {nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio}

- When was data collected?
- Information about those providing info (age, job, …)
- Sample size (number of usable responses = N)
- Response rate (= % of those asked who responded)
- Data collection procedures
- Data collection instrument design processes
- Data analysis technique(s)
- Data transformations

- Propositions or hypotheses generated that are of interest to you

- What hypotheses of interest to you were tested? What were the findings?

Your notes about article relevance and quality, about comparisons between this article and others, about the limits to which findings can be generalized, or other issues.

Pfeffer, Jeffrey, and Robert I. Sutton. "Evidence - Based Management." (2006): n. pag. Web. 30 Jan. 2013.

- The dependent variable in this article’s example is a decision that is evidence based.

- An evidence-based decision is one that is made after careful consideration of all the most recently available