Essay Evidence based practice, task 1

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EBT 1 -Task 1
Selected Article from a Nursing Journal:
APA Citation:
Bradley, S., & Mott, S. (2010). Handover: Faster and safer? Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 30(1), 23-32
A2. Graphic:
Background Information Traditionally nurses delivered clinical information about the patient, the clinical events on their shift and the plan of care to the oncoming shift to ensure continuity of care and to make sure that their colleagues were informed about tasks or instructions that needed to be completed by the next shift. This process had a variety of names; report, handover or handoff. The format was often different from unit to unit. It usually took place in an off stage room or office or at a charting station from away from the
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A3. Assessment of Evidence:
In reviewing all the information related to this study in the five areas contained in the graphic, the study was designed to test the hypothesis that a process change from a traditional method of shift handover to nurse handover at bedside would shorten the duration of time it took to conduct the process, which it turn could lead to economic benefits to the organizations that adopted the process modification. The researchers also wished to gather data that would establish that the new process lead to improved patient safety which also while enhancing patient care can also led to cost savings for organizations. In addition, they sought to examine the nurses’ perceptions of both types of handover and if the views changed with the new process introduction.
Digital recordings of the times it took the nurses to conduct handover using both methods showed a clear reduction in the length of time it took to complete handover at the bedside against using the traditional method. Unfortunately the study did not directly equate the time savings to cost deduction benefit in real terms or figures. The numbers of adverse patient events deceased from 18 prior to implementation of bedside handover, which was reduced to 7 events after the new process was in place. This would seem to