A Brief Note On Evolution

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The process of elimination through means of adaptation is a result of evolution. By multiple attempts made, it was determined that evolution is made possible by carefully selecting ways to become hard targets for prey. This experiment was conducted using a multi-colored fabric background as the environment and using paper hole punch cut-outs as the prey. With every cycle of remaining prey, it was determined that the colored hole punches that most resembled the back ground color survived.


Evolution has occurred for millions of years, thus resulting in the characteristics and traits organisms bear. Evolution is not a passive event, it occurs naturally only by necessity. The experiment explains how evolution can be physically explained by means of predator verse prey, and how the prey evolved becoming less likely targets for the predators. With the majority color being Light Blue on the sample environment, I expect the Light Blue hole punches to have the highest survival rate.


100 hole punches were selected making an equal number of 10 sets, 10 each color were randomly placed onto a multi colored patterned fabric sheet that was 3x3ft in size by a moderator. After the 100 hole punches were completely scattered onto the sheet, 75 hole punches were selected based on how easily the hole punches were visibly seen. The remaining hole punches were then organized based on color. The total number of each color group was then multiplied by four to give the total number of hole punches 100. This experiment was conducted a total of three times.


The colors of the hole punches that survived and