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Exam 1


Short Answer

1. Teaching, like other occupations, often attracts people because of the rewards it offers them. Describe the major rewards in teaching, and an example of each. (6pts)
The major rewards of teaching are extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic rewards such as salaries, status, work schedule and power are some examples of major rewards. Salaries meaning that you receive benefits such as retirement plans and health care. Although teachers’ salaries are nothing to brag about for the most part, you have the ability to improve your status through higher education. An example of status is ones position in a group related to others. Teachers have high status for newly beginning parents, and recent studies show that others believe teachers are more beneficial to society! Power is not much of a reward, but in the sense that a teacher has the ability to make or break a person’s (child’s) day. Last there is work schedule. As most people know, teachers have the summers off, as well as holidays. This is a huge upside, but don’t forget all the time and preparation teachers spend at home grading papers and etc. Intrinsic rewards refer to the internal satisfaction one receives from their work. Some examples of intrinsic rewards are students, performance of a significant social service, stimulation from fellow teachers and the work of teaching. Students are a reward for teachers because they are able to see how they are impacting young minds. Teachers motivate students as well as lend a friendly ear for conversation and advice. This is in my opinion the most rewarding part of teaching because you will be helping others grow and flourish. Performing a significant social service basically means that teachers get a sense of satisfaction knowing they are helping the community and doing good for others! Stimulation and support from fellow teachers is also important because teachers have a bond with others and enjoy friendships with colleagues that can help them through, especially being a new teacher. Last, the work of teaching basically means that just teaching is enough of a reward for teachers. They are able to do what they love to do, and share their passion for education or certain subjects such as art, or music!
2. Describe two characteristics of a school that is effective in promoting achievement measured in traditional terms. (6pts)
Schools that use curriculum are effective in promoting achievement because they are planning ahead of time and sticking to a standard or general goal that they wish to provide for their students. This helps to keep the children on track. Also it is important that the teachers have expectations for their students and provide a positive attitude and help when the children need it. It is very important to keep teaching positive, to ensure that the students enjoy their time at school more!
3. Explain what the term least restrictive environment means. Give an example. (6pts)
Least Restrictive Environment means that a child with disabilities should have the opportunity to be educated with non-disabled peers, to the greatest extent appropriate. They should have access to the same programs, and be provided aids to help them achieve necessary goals.

Identify and describe the impact of at least three historical events or movements that have influenced changes in the curriculum over the last fifty years. Give specific examples of the changes in the curriculum. (6pts each/ 18pts total)
Possible historical events or movements include:
Three historical events that have influenced changes in the curriculum over the last 50 years are state standards, textbooks and tracking/detracking. First, state standards are very influential because this ensures that each school is aware that they have to meet a certain standard and they will be checked on it through testing, which makes sure that teachers are actually teaching what they’re supposed to. Textbooks