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1. | Question : | TCO B. The "public comment" period closes on an OSHA proposed regulation, and your business had filed a public comment against the proposed regulation explaining that the regulation would not fix the problem that OSHA was trying to remedy, that the regulation would cost more than the problem itself, and
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Provide support for your answer. | | | Student Answer: | | I. Although there were warnings listed in the manual, the manufacturer should have placed the warning signs in a very visible place so that anyone boarding the boat would be able to see the warnings. The fact that the boat is used for water, there should have been a non slip surface on the floor of the boat as an added safety precaution. II. The boat seller should have made a recommendation to the buyer that the manual more visible during the sale. Letting them know that the surface was nonslip, that way they would have been able to make a well informed decision. III. The coast guard had a responsiblity to stop the party that was drinking. Seeming that he saw the whole thing, he would have noticed that they were drinking and stopped it right away. All three parties could use contributory negligence, comparative negligence, and Intervening Negligence. The plantiff caused his own accident due to him being drunk. Had he not been impaired, the accident more than likely would have not taken place. The coast guard could definitly say that although he was watching the whole time the distance and time between the time he noticed that they were drinking and the time he slipped and fell. The manufacturers could say that it is intervening negligence because it is the owner's fault due to the owner allowing drinking on the boat and allowing there guest to go swimming