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Chapter 12: Services

Review/Reflection Questions

1) A few service jobs I'm interested in would be an anesthesiologist this type of service job is consumer service under health services. These doctors play an essential role in keeping patients alive, and asleep during surgery no matter how long it may take. Their handsome paychecks reflect the responsibility and risk involved in their jobs. Another service job I'm interested in is an Aerospace Engineer; they conduct engineering duties in designing, constructing, and testing aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft. The type of service for this profession is under business services within the professional services. The last service job I'm interested in is a radiologist; again, under consumer; health services. Radiologists use x-rays and other radioactive materials to diagnose diseases and other disorders such as injuries in the human body.
2) The type of job I’m hoping to start after college would be as an aerospace engineer, yes this is a service job. This tells me that service jobs have a variety to choose from and that most people choose service jobs without knowing they are service jobs. It also means that service jobs are all around us and in our community and can be easily located.
3) Yes, it would be difficult to do well in the job that I decided IF I lived in a small town because there is less population so my consumers would come around rarely. The jobs I picked (anesthesiologist, Aerospace Engineer, radiologist) all need to be in big towns so the service they give to people gets more known and more consumers start to come in which then the range that people are wiling to travel increases. The higher paying jobs I choose are easier to find in cities due to the greater number of people and requirement for the services.
4) The reason why I choose to live downtown, near all these central business districts is because I have everything in range. Meaning that all things local is near me. I have a hospital four blocks from me, which is consumers service in case anything, were to happen to me. I also have a local bank near me so; I can receive/transfer money without having to travel miles just to deposit a check. I basically choose to live here because everything I need such as services are so close to me and I don’t have to waste