Example Of Dramatic Monologue

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My body desperately craved his touch, the immense pleasure and surge of emotions he could evoke within me with the simplest of touches amazed me. My body yearned to be touched, held, kissed, caressed and smothered by his intoxicating drug-like scent. I couldn't get enough of it, yet I wanted to run from his grasp, to slip away from his smouldering gaze and run from the hills to escape the traitorous feelings and reactions my body has to the brute's mere presence.

Everything about is so alluring, I couldn't help but feel myself being pulled - no, dragged to him when almost every single fibre inside my body begged, screamed and kicked at my insides to get out while I could.

But that single thread that clung and relished
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He was able to evoke so much from within me with very little to no effort, it seemed as though he were only doing what he would normally do someone else if were in this exact situation, but perhaps with different circumstances.

Yes, what we have could sure be very degrading in this sense of only being used for sex. However, with him, I've never once felt dirty for my actions, didn't feel like a cheap and easy common whore. Every time I was with him, he didn't make me feel like I was some slut or just his next fling for the time being, even though I know that's what we were and all we were ever going to be, a part of me longed for us to be more.

The smallest slither of hope was multiplying at unknown rates within me from the searing moment between him and I. the moment felt too intimate for the arrangement that we had agreed upon yet neither one of us seemed to want to stop or did so until a smooth feminine voice had us jumping away from each other.

"Tyler?" The person the voice belonged to stood in a few meters away from us where the cashier was, cocking her head to the side and furrowing her eyebrows as she looked at